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Rebekah King

Business Assistant to Southern Business Manager
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    Sweet tasting strawberry

What were you doing before you joined the company?

Before joining the company I worked for the Berry Gardens marketing desk as Technical Support. In this role I was supporting the Technical Director and Technical Managers with data analysis of customer complaints, depot rejections and arranging residue testing for the Berry Gardens Growers. Often I would support the sales team with customer facing activities including events and visits.

Was this your first full time job?

My first full time job was working as a Runner for ITV

Did you know anyone already working for the company?

I didn’t know anyone before joining the company, however, I do remember meeting David Kay (who is now CEO of the company) at an M&S Spring meeting during my previous role.

What are your career goals?

To continue being an active part of the TSBCo in delivering its success.

What changes have you noticed during your time here?

The biggest changes I have seen during my time here has been with the Colworth team and observing a happier environment in and around the office as well as seeing people realise their potential.

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