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A grower at The Summer Berry Company

Семейни истории

Jed Knaggs

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  • Място на работа
    Leythorne/Donaldsons glasshouses
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What were you doing before you joined the company?

Before joining The Summer Berry Company I was working as a grower in Somerset, growing strawberries and raspberries across 14 hectares of glasshouse.

Was this the first job your first full time job?

No, my first full time role was my year-long student work placement at Hall Hunter Partnership’s Sheeplands Farm, before returning to university.

Did you know anyone already working for the company?

Yes, I have met a lot of great people at Sheeplands and it is great to see so many familiar faces at The Summer Berry Company.

What are your career goals?

My overall goal is to drive forward high-quality crop production, using the most efficient and sustainable methods possible. This I hope will draw upon my previous (and continuously developing) experience as a grower as well as my other previous academic studies in agronomy, production economics and environmental management.

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