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Andrzej Forgacz, a Harvest Manager from The English Summer Berry Company

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Andrzej Forgacz

Harvest Manager
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    Leythorne, Donaldsons and Colworth
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I arrived in the UK in 2005, before that I’d finished high school and was searching for my profession.

Working for The English Summer Berry Company wasn’t my first experience of working overseas. In 2003-2004, I worked on a hop plantation in Germany. My sister-in-law worked for The English Summer Berry Company in 2004 and was based at Tuesley Farm. She recommended the company to me. Her feedback was so positive that I wanted to apply immediately.

When I joined I was both excited and nervous. My fears quickly disappeared though as everybody I lived and worked alongside was friendly and supportive.

I’m very happy as a Harvest Manager. The department is really dynamic, every day brings a new challenge and as a department, we always welcome the implementation of new ideas to improve efficiency. I also enjoy supporting the husbandry department with my ideas about what we can do better to deliver a more successful business.

In 2005 I worked at Tuesley Farm as a picker, the following year I went to the glasshouses where I worked for the next 8 years. During this time I worked as a picker, husbandry worker, team leader, assistant harvest manager, before finally becoming a harvest and husbandry manager. In 2014, The English Summer Berry Company bought the new Leythorne Nursery glasshouses in Chichester. This project was something new for me and bought a lot of joy. We created everything from the scratch! Every day saw new challenges and new opportunities to learn and grow our knowledge. I’m really proud to have been a part of this.

Over the years there have been many changes across the business. All departments are constantly improving, with a specific focus on Health, Safety and Environment. There has also been a big improvement in staff welfare – people feel cared for, supported and happy. We’re also growing new varieties of berries and are open to new, innovative ideas.

I’ve got a great group of friends who have, or still do, work for The English Summer Berry Company. During the past thirteen years I’ve met so many great people, I’m really happy to be part of such a genuinely committed and supportive team.

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